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Sometimes it seems like documenting ones life publicly has become the cultural norm. With blogging, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and more, it seems as if everyone is there, putting their lives out for the world to see.

At uni I did a unit on autoethnography, which I really enjoyed. I feel like blogging is the autoethnographic form for the 21st Century, and something I’d quite like to do. Except for the minor technical hitch that life tends to get in the way. It’s not surprising that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr all tend towards short text or image based content. Long form, thoughtful writing – which, I think, autoethnography ought to be – takes time and concentration, both of which are scarce in the chaos of daily life.

Which is how, despite my initial grand plans for documenting and reflective writing and so on, I find myself 36 weeks pregnant, with not one word written about the experience. Even though writing about it was something I wanted to do all along, even though I thought of things to write about, even though I haven’t been working for three weeks now. When I stopped work unexpectedly early, thanks to a rather unexpected redundancy, I had grand plans for what I would do with all that “extra time”, but alas, writing was just one of a host of things that moved from the “I wish” list onto the already crowded “to do” list. The complex logistical project that is preparing for a baby is just one of those things I wanted to write about, but I also have to implement that project – researching, shopping, getting educated, making decisions, clearing out and reorganising the house, jumping through bureaucratic hoops (lookin’ at you, myGov), jumping through medical hoops (yay, gestational diabetes), etc, etc.

So, yeah.. I think the hardest part is getting started, which I’ve kinda now done. Will that do the trick and get things rolling? Or will the looming (but uncertain) deadline push all but the essentials off the list? Hopefully I can manage a bit of both.


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I am severely hampered by my academic training when it comes to writing blog posts. I feel the need to go search the literature, find some sources, substantiate my comments with references, nearly every time I think of something to write about. I also feel the need to explore a topic in some depth – a short post just doesn’t seem enough to get into the complexities and substance of whatever it is (and there must be complexities and substance, because I can’t just describe, I must analyse). And then there’s proof-reading and re-organising and general fixing-up, because I do that by reflex now, even in a three sentence email (and then there’s pondering my misuse of the em-dash, an eternal conundrum).

But these are processes that take time and effort – and that vague thought about other people’s relationships with my relationship with caffeine is just not important enough to get to the top of my todo list. Sigh.

Ideas that are in the works: what is it with caffeinated people judging un-caffeinated people? How did we ever plan holidays without social media – and how has social media changed how we work? Ethics and independent scholarship – how do you work (and get published) without an institution and an ethics committee? (Short answer: second author w/ institution, I guess – but what does it mean for my work?) And how did my fabric stash get so huge? … Wait, I know the answer to that – I’m a procrastinator who can get free fabric from work – never mind!

That is all.

(PS- this was meant to be one short paragraph. Whoops!)

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June Blogging

Inspired by CW, I’m going to try to blog every day this month. Given that I decided this five minutes ago, at about 10:40pm, today’s effort will be brief. 😛 Some topics which might come up: my new winter pants which are approaching completion, tomorrow’s haircut, crochet projects, gardening plans, stuff about work, rants about anti-vaxers, rants about Stephen Conroy, stuff I found on the internet. Let’s see what happens…

(As a bonus, when I logged in to wordpress, I saw this: Mud Structures / Cultural Sustainability. I love structures made of mud brick and adobe and suchlike things. They’re so warm and organic looking and interesting. I like reading about alternative building techniques and sustainable design, and I dream of winning Lotto and building my own awesome crazy hippie house)

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Back Again

So, it’s been a while 😛 I blame honours, and moving out of the house with the server & not wanting to consume their internet. I’m set up on wordpress.com for now; the plan is to move to my own server when I can afford it or be bothered. I’ve imported my old posts, but some of the pictures will be missing…

Now I just need to get back into the writing of stuff….

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Radio Silence

October Is Crazy

See you in November, probably…

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The first two weeks of semester are over, and my brain is catching up. The first couple of weeks are so busy and so full of people and new things that I have no brain-power left over for anything else. Everything other than dealing with uni, and all the people there, just becomes too hard. So everything else, from laundry through to my Epic Sewing Project just has to wait till my brain has processing power to spare for it.

And hooray! This weekend I did manage to get some stuff done. I did some laundry. I finally did some tidying up – my clothes are all in the cupboard, I’ve got an empty rubbish bin, and I can now open and close my blinds without jumping. Hooray! I also did a bit of work on my sewing project, but got stuck when I couldn’t find my fabric pen or my duct tape, so I think some more tidying will need to be done. I also put the (more than slightly mouldy) compost stuff in the compost bin, and cleaned the stove. And I made a cake! I think my brain & I both got a bit over-excited about having thinking power available.

Hopefully I’ll soon be able to actually write some good stuff on this blog, which would be a nice change from the nothing-but-lolcats I’ve been posting recently. I have a spiel/rant about Olympic coverage hovering in my brain just waiting for processing and writing time. There’s also stuff to write about first-years and mentoring and the stuff we’re trying to do there. So… don’t go away – I promise you more writings, hopefully interesting. And more lolcats. They’re guaranteed.

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Spam Thinks I’m Cool!

All my comment spam comes with a bunch of weird text and dodgy links, and a sentence or two at the end to try to convince you that it’s actually a real comment… Here are a few gems that I found when I logged in today:

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