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So I’m making a Minecraft adventure map to inflict on my friends, and I’m finding it quite a frustrating experience. I spend quite a bit of my time futilely searching the Internet for resources and tips.

My searches range from the practical:

  • How do I use a command block?
  • How do I build a redstone powered piston door?
  • How do I spawn mobs in specific places?
  • How  to I make a hollow glass sphere in MCEdit?

To the more philosophical:

  • How on earth do I get started?
  • How do you know if it’s too easy or too hard?
  • How can I gently encourage players to stay on track and not just bust their way through my carefully built dungeons?
  • Why has no-one ever written a good text-based resource for anything, especially not the thing I was desperately trying to figure out when my Internet was shaped for 2 weeks?

Despite these difficulties, I think I’m doing pretty well so far. I’ve decided on a Zelda-inspired structure of 1) Travel through the world 2) Themed dungeon 3) Repeat. I’ve made a rather nice “Forest Temple”, moved on in frustration from an underwater city (hollow spheres? anyone?), and am now playing with redstone in my mildy-Egyptian themed “Sand Temple”. I’m thinking of documenting some of my progress – although not too much, because I do want to inflict the finished product on my friends and I don’t want to spoil the sense of adventure. But here’s a little sneak peek:

Egyptian-ish Sand Temple


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